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Heartwood House is a backyard studio in Westover Hills. Since 2018, the land has been carefully tended to, encouraging native ecosystems to re-inhabit the area. Many different species have returned, bringing life and abundance. The landscape is always changing and growing, including the opening of Heartwood House studio in 2022. 


Learn the tools you need to connect with nature, yourself, and your community. Offering community classes, workshops, series & ritual work, free online offerings (coming soon), plus hand-scribed & painted ritual candles to enhance your home practice. 



Emily is a mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. Her passion for nature led her to pursue Bachelors and Masters degrees focusing on human relationships with native ecosystems. 

Learning firsthand the interconnectedness of ALL life inspired her to encourage others to seek out where they fit in the beautiful web of life. Humans are a part of nature, and Emily seeks to bring people back to this awareness. 

As an RYT certified yoga instructor, Emily combines the tools of yoga with nature's rhythms & cycles to guide people to find their ultimate relationship with themselves and the physical world around them.

About Anchor
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